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SME of the year, 2015

A great entrepreneur is one that sees opportunities out of a shortcoming. Take for example the founder of automobile company Lamborghini, Mr Ferruccio Lamborghini, who chose to take matters by the horns by building his own cars when he realised that none on the market suit his needs.

In this respect, Mr Peter Lew is an entrepreneur that is very similar to Mr Lamborghini. As the founder of Batam Logistics Pte Ltd, Mr Lew formed the company more than a decade ago to tackle a shortcoming he saw in the regional logistics trade.

Like Mr Lamborghini, Mr Lew found success in trying to tackle the shortcoming they have found, and their success perpetuates, until today.

Batam Logistics Pte Ltd is initiated In 1999, specialising in the logistics operations between the cities of Singapore and Batam, a niche field that has never been explored until the formation of the company. The firm largely deals in the transportation of electronir, oil and gas equipment between Satam and Singapore, and is also a partner and feeder for international flights.

Knowing that the logistics trade is a time sensitive industry, Batam Logistics places great emphasis on the efficiency and speed when transporting the goods of their customers.

This is cemented with the employment of professional workers that places the interests of the customers at fore, with a relentless drive to resolve issues that might crop up in midst of operations, even if it meant going the extra mile and deploying a larger aircraft or more resources to get the job completed. Mr Lew also further added:

If the customer needs to deliver the goods urgently, we can also deploy couriers to hand carry the parcel, ensuring swiftness.

Such a fixation to customer service shows that Batam Logistics Pte Ltd does not compromise when it comes to the transportation of cargoes of its customers, which in turn secured the success of the firm.


While there Me milny options availilble for those seeking to tran sport goods between Satam and Singapore, such as air freight, there has never been an affordable and efficient method of doing so, until Batam Logistics Pte Ltd is founded.

This served as an impetus for Mr Lew to venture into the logistics industry, filling up this void that has been left untouched, after realising that very little is being devoted towards the transit operations between the two cities of Batam and Singapore, when seeking to send over his cargo of seafood from Batam to Singapore, yet was rejected by air freight companies due to the small scale of his cargo.

This has inspired Mr Lew to setup Batam Logistics Pte Ltd, to provide an avenue that proffers an efficient and affordable way to shuttle goods in between Batam and Singapore.

However, to ensure absolute efficiency, there was a need to rally together a committed team, which stands at 45 employees today. Mr Lew reflected: "It is important for us to have a committed team, as the logistics trade is one that is very time sensitive. A delay in one part of our operations would affect the entire chain of operations."

With so many minute details that might disrupt and affect the operations of the firm, Batam Logistics Pte Ltd possesses a 24 hours standby team at hand, ready to resolve any issues at hand. Mr Lew divulged: "While it is challenging to be an entrepreneur, it is delightful to witness the satisfaction of customers when we get the job done well."

Mr Lew also attributed his success to his mentor, Mr F.F Wong, CEO and Chairman of Boustead Companies, a Singaporean conglomerate with more than 180 years of history. "Mr Wong has taught me that it is important to do one thing at a time, and this has helped me in the creating the success of Batam Logistics Pte Ltd."

Mr Lew also proceeded to reveal what he perceives as the essential qualities a successful entrepreneur should have: "I believe a great entrepreneur should have integrity, the ability to endure hard work, and also honesty. These are the three crucial elements that an entrepreneur should have if they want to succeed."

Mr Lew also gave some advice to aspiring entrepreneurs wanting to start their own business: "Be sure to start your business in a field that you know, willing to learn, and take up the challenges that comes ahead.

If you fail and fall, be sure to get up and try again. Never give up, and it will payout eventually."

As the demand for logistics services between Batam and Singapore intensifies, this presents a new phase and new challenges for Batam Logistics Pte Ltd, as the firm is currently the only firm that is in the field. Mr Lew revealed: "I hope that there's actually some competition in the trade, so that we can explore new opportunities.", reflecting his competitive nature within. "We are also planning to think of establishing other new products to infiltrate new markets." Mr Lew continued.

Similar to Mr Lamborghini, Mr Lew's success story as an entrepreneur who saw a shortcoming in an industry and chose to overcome it by taking matters into their own hands, serving as an inspiration to many. However, it is the excellence that Batam Logistics Pte Ltd has delivered which makes it worthy for the SME of the Year 2015 award, and this is largely attributed to Mr Lew's exemplary leadership and his committed team of employees.

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