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Awards 2014

Singapore's Outstanding Enterprise, 2014

Established in 1999 by Mr. Peter Lew, Batam Logistics is an airfreight company operating mainly between Singapore and Batam, Indonesia. Specializing in logistics management and air transportation services for various goods and time-sensitive cargo, Batam Logistics is a full air-freighter with their own aircraft, providing daily flights out of Singapore and Batam for their clients.

It all started when Peter was looking to import live seafood from Indonesia to local restaurants in Singapore. However, as live seafood is perishable, it was not a viable transportation solution. Hence, Peter sought to find alternative transportation means instead. "I know of a retired air marshal, who was by then an owner of an Indonesian airline. I discussed some options with him, and began to charter aircrafts from him."

As we operate in a niche market, there were not many other companies like us. But it also meant that we were not well known as well. It took some time, but slowly established ourselves in the industry.

- Peter Lew


Batam Logistics

Around the same time, then-Prime Minister Mr. Lee Kuan Yew was encouraging computer chip makers to reallocate their resources and factories to Indonesia. In response, many factories in Jurong relocated their operations to Batam. With these chips being of high-value, and the assembly process time-sensitive, fast transportation between Singapore and Batam is of importance. However, sea freight was not a viable option as the goods value was high, and there was the chance of hijacking by pirates. Alerted to this situation by the people around him, Peter recognized the situation as a huge opportunity, and thus established Batam Logistics to cope with the rising demand.

During the initial stages of establishment, it took some time before their operations truly got off the ground. "As we operate in a niche market, there were not many other companies like us. But it also meant that we were not well known as well. It took some time, but slowly established ourselves in the industry."

"Of course, in an airfreight industry, there are also certain conditions we can't control, like the weather conditions. For example, the haze every year. When the conditions are bad, we would not be able to fly. But as a logistics solutions provider, we always try to find alternatives for our clients, even if it comes at additional cost to us. Over the years, I think we have proven ourselves to be a company that is willing to go the extra mile to provide solutions to their logistics processes. We always stay true to our cause, and through our efforts, our clients always build up a good rapport with us. "

With their slogan – "Partner to the Region", Batam Logistics has now firmly established themselves as a prominent company in their industry. Peter said, "Besides the transportation of computer chips, our company has also provided transportation for equipment in the offshore oil industry in Indonesia. Now our client base includes international brands, which would like to work with partners they know they can trust. And trust is only built after working together for a very long time."

Throughout his entrepreneurial journey, Peter feels blessed to have been surrounded by people who have inspired and motivated his work. His mentor, Mr. Wong Fong Fui, affectionately known as F.F. Wong, was one of them. A buyer and restorer of declining businesses, Mr. F.F. Wong is often called "Mr. Turnaround" because of his abilities. "He started out from a poor family, but he worked hard and achieved much success in his life. He was the one who told me, 'do one thing at a time', an advice I still advocate."

With much experience in the art of entrepreneurship, Peter looks back on his journey, and shares with us some of what he has learnt over the years.

You must always stay true to yourself. There are many opportunities out there, but focus on what you do, instead of dividing your attention and resources. As I mentioned earlier with my mentor's advice, do one thing at a time. He further added, "An aspiring entrepreneur should also have honesty with themselves. Don't do something out of your reach, because there is no shortcut in life or in business, it is all down to hard work and honesty."

With Batam Logistics celebrating their fifteen years in business, there is still room for further expansion. "It all depends on Indonesia's economy. During the past five years, many companies relocated to China because of the cheaper operating costs, but some have since moved back to Batam. The industry will always be changing. But the demand of chips have gone up as technology advances, and therefore there will be a demand for our services."

It is all about finding and building your business around a niche market. Depending on things progress, we may look into opportunities in offshore Indonesia, as well as into the live seafood industry. It was the catalyst for why I started out in the first place, and I am thinking of going back to that with Batam Logistics.

Under Peter's experienced leadership, and with Batam Logistics' goal to always go the extra mile for their clients, there is no doubt that they will continue to forge continued success for themselves in the future.

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